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Nursing homes must be held to a high standard of care due to the fragility of their patients. When nursing home residents fall or are dropped because of negligence, the facility must be held accountable for resulting harm. At Kanter, Bernstein & Kardon, P.C., we offer compassionate representation to the frail elderly who are injured as well as help to their loved ones. Our attorneys are focused on bringing nursing home neglect and abuse to light and bettering the safety of nursing facilities throughout Philadelphia.

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Nursing Home Trauma & Falls – a Form of Abuse

Each year, approximately 1,800 nursing home residents die because of a slip and fall injury. Many accidents of this nature result in hip fractures or brain damage. They are easily avoided when nursing homes encourage their staff to watch residents closely and remove any fall hazards.

The majority of these incidents occur when residents attempt to move about their rooms unassisted despite handicaps that prevent them from doing so. Falls can be prevented by installing padding on the floor around the bed, chair, and bed monitors, toileting schedules, physical therapy and close observation can help nursing homes identify and eliminate fall risks a resident is harmed.

Reasons for Resident Falls

Some of the reasons for harms from falls are:

  • Employee neglect: Many residents are bedridden and require assistance to move about their apartment. Typically, they have a button to push which summons a staffer to their room to help. When staffers delay answering these requests, the residents may get impatient and attempt to get up on their own.
  • Walkway obstructions: All walkways should be clear of debris, carts, and equipment that could hinder the people using them. Due to poor eyesight, many residents fail to see cords, tears in the carpet, or items on the floor and may trip over them.
  • Wet floors: Liquids on the floor are a slip hazard. This includes bodily fluids, spilled drinks, plumbing leaks, residual water from cleaning, or water tracked in from outside.
  • Lack of necessary walking devices: Nursing home residents who struggle with their mobility should be furnished with a cane, walker, or wheelchair on doctor’s recommendations. If the nursing home refuses to give a senior the accessories they need, they can be held liable for injuries that occur.
  • Over-medication: Nurses at these senior-living homes may over-medicate their patients on harsh and behavior-altering drugs. This can not only damage a patient’s health but impair their mobility.

The Aftermath of Falls by the Frail Elderly

Due to weakened bone structures, more severe bruising, and a host of other aging conditions, a fall can be devastating for a senior. Many elderly persons suffer bone fractures and torn muscles after a fall. Often, these injuries can only be corrected through surgery. This can be daunting, or even life-threatening for an older individual.

Even with the appropriate treatment the prolonged time of immobility can result in the injured person never walking again. 20% of all nursing home residents who have hip fractures die within one year. Over half will never walk again.

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