Brian P. Pincus Esq.

Senior Attorney

Attorney Brian P. Pincus was trained in the Philadelphia City Solicitor’s office and later was counsel to a major auto insurance company. He became associated with the firm of Kanter, Bernstein & Kardon in 1985. In addition to representing clients in personal injury and workers’ compensation matters, he practices in the fields of residential real estate and contract litigation.

Attorney Pincus has a B.B.A. in Accounting from Temple University, a Juris Doctor from Delaware Law School, and a Master of Laws and Letters in Taxation from the Temple University Legal Graduate Studies Program. He has been a member of the Philadelphia Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee for over 25 years. He was invited by Temple University to present a Mock Trial for its Adult Education Class and was a guest speaker at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Business on Boxing Management.

Pincus has been active in and General Counsel for the Boxing Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a public charity that provides scholarships to amateur boxers in need, to further their educational and vocational pursuits. Mr. Pincus has been a Licensed Professional Boxing Manager and has advised both amateur and professional boxers.

Brian has been the “family attorney” for three and four generations of clients and their families who regularly contacted him for his advice and guidance.

To contact Brian, call our offices at 215-568-5885.

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