Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Home Abuse

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Pressure ulcers are an often preventable and painful condition caused by the neglect nursing home staff and administration. These open wounds develop when a patient with limited mobility is left in the same position for too long; when their wet and soiled beds are not cleaned; when they do not receive the food and water they need. Nursing home staff must reposition all immobile patients regularly. When they fail to do this, the results can be horrifying.

Our Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers at Kanter, Bernstein & Kardon, P.C. saw a need early on for checks and balances to provide proper care of people in Pennsylvania nursing homes. Two decades ago, when most firms turned away these cases, our firm began to prosecute them and since then have been on the cutting edge of holding nursing home companies accountable for the harm they cause.

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What Are Pressure Ulcers?

The medical term for this wound is a decubitus ulcer. In reality, it is an injury to the skin caused by unrelieved pressure. These are open sores on the heels, buttocks, and back that result in dead and dying skin tissue. When certain areas of the skin, particularly near the bone, are pressed into a bed for long amounts of time, blood fails to reach them. Thus the tissue begins to deteriorate and the ulcer develops.

Doctors measure the severity of ulcers in four stages. The final stage 4 ulcer is one that has driven deep into the body and begun to affect muscle and bone, is incredibly painful and very likely to become infected. At this point, the patient may need surgery to remove the dead tissue or, if it involves the heel, amputation of the leg

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Sufficient numbers of attentive and trained nursing home staff will detect these ulcers as they are beginning, can shift a patient’s position and provide numerous other treatments to heal the wound before it becomes serious and life-threatening.

Pressure ulcers are often caused by:

  • Inadequate numbers of nursing staff
  • Improper nutrition
  • Poor hygiene
  • Overmedication
  • Immobility that is not addressed
  • A lack of communication between staff and patient

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